Plan - 5

Discover Qatar’s religion, Islam, by visiting the Museum of Islamic Art and get ready to be astonished by wonderful collections put on display. The museum has been built in the traditional Islamic architecture and is one of its kinds on a man-made island and the items are genuine Islamic heritage and the size of the museum is 35,500 sqm. The boat trip journey is around cornich and is the opportunity for photography. Souq Waqi is with historical heritage and modern, it has been constructed handmade, there are traditional shops, and restaurants.

Later that day, take the delight of cruising in the sea and by sun set till evening spend the time at Qatar’s favorite area for shopping, dining, and drinking coffee.



Museum of Islamic Art : Culture
( Photography & Sights )
Boat Trip ( Round & Cruising ) : Excursion
( Photography & Sights )
Dukhan & Zikret :
( Photography & Sights ) Leisure
Souq Waqif : Heritage
Shopping Restaurant & Cafes
Plan 5: (West of Qatar)

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