Plan - 4

Start your day with the sight of a mysterious underground cave discovered in Dahl Misfir, carry on to one of Qatar’s relaxed sea breeze village – Dukhan. As a part of Qatar’s traditional activity, take pleasure in watching the camel race and before the end of the day, enjoy the sights of Qatar’s animals and take leisure in spending a day of Qatari culture.

Dahl el Misfir is similar to dahl el Hamam, with underground cave that have been found. In Um Bab you will find palm trees on the beach which gives it a very relaxing atmosphere. Dukhan is an old city and next to it is Zikret and Zikrit heritage castle while next to it are sand dunes, also includes camel racing.



Dahl Misfir : Underground Cave
( Photography & Sights )
Um Bab : Ancient  Village
( Photography & Sights )
Dukhan & Zikret :
( Photography & Sights ) Leisure
Camel Race Race Track
Dosari Zoo/ Park : Natural Park
Plan 4: (West of Qatar)

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