Plan - 3

Al Sheikh Faisal Musuem is known for many heritage and cultural sightings, this is an opportunity to see Qatar’s finest collections of heritage alongside with the discovered underground cave – Dahl El Hamam. Before ending the tour, we will take you to Qatar’s favorite local park and heritage village called Bedaa.

Sheikh Faisal Museum is a unique place and has very collective items from all aspects of life, from religion to cars to documents and many more. Dahl el Hamam is an actual phenomenal where you can see caves under the land, the Qatari government has built parks around the underground cave. Bedaa park has heritage activities and services.



AlSheikh Faisal Museum
( Photography & Sights )
Dahl El Hamam : Underground Cave Ancient  Village
( Photography & Sights )
Bedaa Park & Heritage Village
( Photography & Sights ) Leisure
Plan 3: (West of Qatar)

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