Plan - 2

Visit yet another sight of Qatar’s heritage where you will enjoy not only an ancient village but beach, and hills under clear blue skies. You will have the chance to step into Qatar’s most beautiful beach, soft sand hills, and many more at Zubara, Shmamal city, and more sea breeze with warm sun shine at Fuwiret, Al Morona, and Almifyar. This is the chance to experience the heritage of a very tradition Qatari city.

The castle of Zubara is in north of Qatar, and is considered to be the oldest castle in Qatar, right across it is the Zubara village which has been established in the 17th century. Among all the beaches in Qatar, the north beaches are the most significant, as well as you will find heritage on the beach..



Al Zubara Village & Alzubara Fort

Ancient  Village

( Photography & Sights )
Al Shmamal City : Ancient  Village
( Photography & Sights )
Fuwiret , Al Morona & Almifyar : Beach/Hills & Heritage
( Photography & Sights ) Leisure
Plan 2: (North of Qatar)

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